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Aquarium is not just about storing fish


brings knowledge and experience of keeping aquatic creatures in various forms including Planted Aquarium, Freshwater Aquarium, Marine Aquarium, Pond and also tropical rain forest system like Terrarium and Vivarium to integrate advantages of each system by adapting for each kind of setup for the most proper and efficient setup in

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Acrylic installation

We are partner with the world leader glass and acrylic manufacturer to provide a very special glass and acrylic quality to our customer. Both of our party remain in the highest ranking for glass and acrylic market.


From hardscape to softscape we work with layout materials and any other decorating elements. Then it is time for adding sense of nature by planting real aquatic plants. With experiences

Aquarium Design

We provide both standard & comprehensive custom aquarium consultancy to meet clients’ requirement and budget as a total solution, starting from tank & stand design

Construction & Installation

We have a team of specialists in various fields of design and construction techniques for aquarium and pond buildings with general or specific requirements. We are glad to be a part in the success of customers at all levels.


Our maintenance team consists of experienced staff who will do on-site maintenance service plus training for the owner or their staffs.

Custom Size

Choose either standard or peninsula-style to best accommodate your space. The standard configuration is for placement against a wall, while a peninsula divides the room.

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